Welcome to the 2018 Edition of the EOS ART Projects !

The overall goal of this program sponsored by the Earth Observatory of Singapore is to narrow the gap between artistic creators and issues of preparedness, response and resilience in the face of geohazards in and around Southeast Asia.

Our focus this year is on moving images and we are accepting submissions for digital movie proposals between one and twenty minutes long.


To read the Call for Participation and to apply click here [ 2018 ]. The deadline for submission of proposals is 5 January, Friday, 2pm Singapore Time (SGT), 2018.

The focus of the EOS ART Projects 2018 is on the topic of natural hazards and the moving image. These geo-hazards include: earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, climate change, flooding, sea level rise, and volcanic eruptions including gas, mudflows, and pyrochlastic flows. The selection committee is especially interested in projects that make connections between scientific fact and real-life experiences and/or between scientific understanding and poetic visions.

To learn more about our previous edition visit EOS ART Projects 2010-2013.

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