These are the details you need to know before submitting a proposal to the EOS ART Projects 2018.

ESSENTIAL: The selection committee is especially interested in projects that make connections between scientific fact and real-life experiences and/or between scientific understanding and poetic visions. The general topics of this call for participation are Earth science, natural hazards, sustainability, anthropogenic change, sea level rise and climate change. Proposals not dealing with at least one of these topics will be disqualified.

MEDIA: Our focus this year is on moving images and we are accepting submissions for digital movie proposals between one and twenty minutes long.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: We strongly recommend that your complete application reaches EOS by email before 5 January, Friday, 2pm Singapore Time (SGT), 2018.

DROP-DEAD SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Complete applications must reach EOS by email by 8 January, Monday, 2pm Singapore Time (SGT), 2018. No exceptions, no excuses. No extensions are possible under any circumstances after this date and time. Anything reaching us after 8 January 2018, 2pm SGT, is automatically disqualified so consider not waiting until the last minute.

UNIQUE PROPOSAL: Maximum of one original proposal per submitter. By submitting you guarantee that you are the legal owner of the work submitted and that your work does not infringe on the intellectual property of others.

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: We accept proposals for short digital movies, ranging between 1 and 20 minutes, that are suitable for display on an internet-enabled device and/or for projection on a traditional movie theater. Still images, sculptures, and installations are beyond the scope of this Call for Participation.

GENRES and TECHNIQUES: The sub-topics and techniques for these digital films include but are not limited to: personal stories, documentaries, docudramas, fiction, poetic interpretations, artistic visions, character animation, abstract animation, stop-motion, and mixed media. The use of cutting edge digital technology for moving images is encouraged but not essential.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The digital films must be delivered in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher (1080p) at a rate of 24 frames per second, in H264 or Apple ProRes file format. 360 movies are also accepted.

EMAIL ADDRESS: Submit your project proposal to earthgirl@ntu.edu.sg.

ELEGIBILITY: Any practicing professional artist, filmmaker and/or animator working in Southeast Asia, South Asia or East Asia, for at least two years, regardless of age, nationality, ethnic background, education level, religious beliefs and/or sexual orientation. Students are not elegible to apply, we apologize for the inconvenience.

PROPOSAL FORMAT: We do not accept paper and/or physical submissions. The written proposal must be a document in Word or PDF file format (doc, docx or pdf) with a maximum length of three (3) pages, A4 or Letter size only. The support materials and the CV are not included in these three pages. Include all the information listed here, incomplete forms will be automatically disqualified:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Mobile Phone Number
Country of Residence
Street Address, City, Postal Code
Project Title
(maximum of 100 characters)
Project Summary (maximum of 300 characters)
Project Length (minutes)
Justification and/or Unique Value (maximum of 600 characters) Explain why, in your opinion, should your project be funded? What makes it unique? What value(s) would it add to the creative, scientific or social discourse?
Links or Website(s) with examples of your moving image past work or moving image animatics of rough edits
Budget with a simple list of major items and estimated costs in Singapore Dollars (SGD), at one of these levels of funding: 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000. In exceptional circumstances budgets of up to SGD15,000 will be considered at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
Support Materials (maximum of fifteen A4 pages) including images, diagrams and storyboards
Resume or CV (maximum of three A4 pages)


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All selections and funding decisions of the EOS ART Projects 2018 are final. In the event that your proposal is selected you will be required to provide us with additional personal information including passport number and bank account information typically required for transfers of electronic funds.

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