The EOS ART Projects 2018 is an interdisciplinary art and science program sponsored by the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), a scientific research institute located on the campus of Nanyang Technological University on the west side of Singapore.

The mission of EOS is to conduct fundamental research on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and climate change in and around Southeast Asia, towards safer and more sustainable societies.

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We believe that creating awareness of scientific facts about Earth, climate and natural hazards contributes to the resilience and sustainability of our communities. And what better way to raise awareness and inspire people than through the interdisciplinary work of artists, filmmakers and scientists!

The selected proposals will be funded to levels determined by the Selection Committee and the Earth Observatory of Singapore with an upper limit of SGD20,000. The completed artworks will be displayed publicly at the discretion of EOS, locally and internationally.

028-Rizhao, Shandong-2012-LR

Some resources and consultation can be made available to selected projects. The research groups at the Earth Observatory of Singapore pursue research in these areas: climate, tectonics, volcano, hazards and society, and art+media.

CLIMATE: Climate research at EOS aims to fill a gap of much-needed information on climatic forces in Southeast Asia, which will allow better prediction of regional consequences that can expected from global climate change. Several major drivers of global climate, including the Western Pacific Warm Pool and the Indian Ocean Dipole, are active in this tropical region, yet scientific knowledge about them has been relatively scarce.

TECTONICS: Southeast Asia and its surrounding regions have many large, active faults, as well as a number of major subduction zones that are responsible for some of the world’s biggest earthquakes. The researchers in the Tectonics Group aim to increase understanding of the region’s tectonic and seismic behaviour, to identify signs of previous earthquakes and tsunamis, their size, their recurrence, and their potential for destruction, as a basis for more reliable forecasting.

VOLCANO: Volcanic arcs in Southeast Asia are among the most active on Earth. The Volcano Group conducts geologic, geochemical and geophysical studies to improve understanding of volcanic activity, particularly processes related to eruptions. EOS research in this field is designed to produce knowledge and tools that will aid forecasting of volcanic eruptions, assessment of their environmental and societal impacts, and efforts to mitigate the hazards.

HAZARDS AND SOCIETY: EOS conducts research that links policy and social science inquiry with its natural science research and Education & Outreach involvement in areas affected by natural hazards. One project in Aceh aims to produce a comprehensive and integrated approach to post-disaster recovery and resilience. Another project is to assess current risk perceptions and mitigative actions related to earthquakes and tsunamis and the degree to which science- communication has influenced those perceptions and actions.

ART+MEDIA: The work of the Art+Media Group creates interactive games, movies and websites inspired by communities who live in hazardous areas. The interdisciplinary projects foster the collaboration between artists and Earth scientists and focus on the deep connection of human life and civilization with Earth and Nature.

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